Thursday, December 20, 2007


As it's the festive season, I've decided not to rank the songs this time around. In fact, as with the case of my impending top 100 songs list., the uniformity of 2007 meant that all lists proved hard to pin point the utmost best or worst (except my album list). All of these twenty songs are so horrible and in some cases disappointing that you can decide the order in which you want to decipher them. No surprises that hip/hop had more than 50% of the list given its current malaise. Reunions by two 1990s powerhouses proved comical at best and as for the rest, a big 'UGH'.

Here they are...

1. ‘The Way I Live’ (Baby Boy Da Prince feat. P. Town): ridiculous and horrible.

2. ‘Taking Chances’ (Celine Dion): really Celine, all those years in Vegas run contrary to this song's title.

3. ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’ (MIMS): shameless and self-effacing and he has Jamaican ties.

4. ‘Doe Boy Fresh’ (Three 6 Mafia): totally horrible.

5. ‘On The Hotline’ (Pretty Ricky): redundant and juvenile.

6. ‘Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)’ (The Spice Girls): they came back together for the purpose of this crap?!

7. ‘Girlfriend’/ ‘Hot’ (Avril Lavigne): the sound of a sell-out, Lavigne embarrasses herself with this generic answer to Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl’. Come to think of it Lavigne hasn't produced a single track worthy of anything but damnation on her current CD.

8. ‘Joe Grine’ (Kiprich feat. Delicious): terribly wooden.

9. ‘Lip-gloss’ (Lil Mama): are you serious with this!

10. ‘Same Girl’ (R. Kelly & Usher): depressingly retrograde.

11. ‘A Bay Bay’ (Hurricane Chris): so bad that it’s laughable.

12. ‘You Know What It Is’ (T.I): totally boring with Wyclef proving how annoying he can be.

13. ‘Wanna Love You Girl’ (Robin Thicke feat. Snoop & Pharrel): the flattest vocal work ever.

14. ‘I Fell In Love with a DJ’ (Che’Nelle featuring Babycham): ugh and trite.

15. ‘Wake Up Call’ (Maroon 5): totally drags its feet on its own concept.

16. ‘Ayo Technology’ (50 Cent feat. Justin Timbaland & Timbaland): a trite effort with the least effective Tim beat ever produced. All three are stretched beyond relevancy.

17. ‘Crank That’ (Solja Boy Tell ‘Em): like a slow painful death.

18. ‘I Got It From My Mama’ (Will I Am): totally ridiculous.

19.‘Rockstar’ (Nickelback): ugh.

20. ‘(I Wanna See You) Push It Baby’ (Pretty Ricky feat. Sean Paul): vapid