Friday, December 7, 2018


It's been quite the year--from comebacks to renewed zeal in reality TV, shows led the way with genuine brilliance. Here are my faves:

AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE MURDER OF GIANNI VERSACE: Season 2 (FX)--Darren Criss. That's all I gotta say. A strong season one of AMERICAN CRIME STORY segues into an even stronger season.

ATLANTA: Season 2 (FX)--it's as perfect a season as the ratings have indicated. That correlation rarely adds up but hands down the most important comedic season this year.

BILLIONS: Season 3 (SHOWTIME)--the enemy battle lines change so many times but it's stunning to watch the resolution Every Single Time.

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: Season 1 (NETFLIX)--it seemed an odd choice for a reboot and add a horror twist, odder even but somehow the team pulls it off. Like, seriously.

HOMELAND: Season 7 (SHOWTIME)--every time we write off HOMELAND it rises to exceed expectations.

KILLING EVE: Season 1 (BBC America)--when we think of ruthless, charming assassins men come to mind but, based on Luke Jennings's Codename Villanelle novella series, and developed for television by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, we are riveted by the cat-and-mouse game played by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.

MURPHY BROWN: Season 11 (CBS)--some good things have happened due to the Trump presidency but nonemore pleasant than the return to Tv's keenest feminist. The entire gang is back except Phil but Tyne Daly as Phyllis is a welcome addition.

POSE: Season 1 (FX)--Ryan Murphy takes a closer look on the trans community and we're all paying keen attention.

THE GOOD FIGHT: Season 2 (CBS All Access)--any excuse to watch Diane (Christine Baranski) in a situation that forces her to think quickly on her feet is welcome but everyone else created sustainable drama too.

THE GOOD PLACE: Season 3 (NBC)--always been interesting but this current season has brought our fave android Janet (D'Arcy Carden) into more action. Don't even get me started on the visual masterpiece that was yesterday's episode!