Friday, December 9, 2016

THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2016: PART TWO...#61--80

some of the biggest name in pop music represented today...

61. Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane (Schoolboy Q): still on his thuggery but compacting two ideas into one proves masterful.

62. Appeals (Bayonne):wouldn't sound out of place on Animal Collective 2009's masterpiece, Merriweather Post Pavillion.

63. 96 (Turin Brakes): when the guitars bleed into the sad chorus, the track swings upwardly.

64. If Ya Want Me (The Jezabels): rotates blissfully in spectral production.

65. All Night (Chance The Rapper feat. Knox Fortune): skipping to the tune he alone is hearing.

66. I Have Been To The Mountain (Kevin Morby): the grand pop theatrics juxtaposed to beats equals a win.

67. Come To Mama (Lady Gaga): this new, stripped-down Gaga may very well be here most interesting yet.

68. Vertical (Animal Collective): the real standout from a disappointing album but here the boys shine and offer a glimmer of hope that harmonies may be strengthening again.

69. Kirby (Aesop Rock): yes its catchy but check out the groovy chunks of his vocal delivery too.

70. Shut Up Kiss Me (Angel Olsen): Olsen's consistent prodding of her intuitive feminine side continues to pay rick dividends.

71. Hungry (White Lung): a blueprint for all these starter rock groups as to how build an amazing some around a catchy chorus.

72. Rising Water (James Vincent McMorrow): add McMorrow to the increasing list of white soul brothers doing amazing stuff.

73. Burn The Witch (Radiohead): no one executes high art in rock like Radiohead, as this simple tune demonstrates.

74. Mellow Blue Polka Dot (Damien Jurado): almost has a sacred religious ethos to it.

75. Inside The Mattress (Future): like he says in the track, "i'm getting better/ I been in practice".

76. Try/Effortless (DVSN): while The Weeknd continues to fall to the lure of commercialism, younger horn dogs are moving in.

77. Laughter Is The Best Medicine (Cass McCombs):soul world-weariness finds its home.

78. Mouth Mantra (Bjork): no one else can fuse this type of spastic electronica like Bjork and sound so engrossing.

79. The New Romantics (Taylor Swift): perfectly captures the Gen Y recklessness and defiance.

80. Eliot St. (Quilt): sad, introspective ballad.