Friday, December 8, 2017

THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2017: PART TWO (#61--80)...

The second part of the year's finest tracks:

61. Gummy (Brockhampton): samples Veronica Petrucci's "Star Against the Night" to indeed make them stars of hip/hop in 2017.

62. Rooftops (The Bats): when a band returns from a long hiatus with a great song like this, it’s well worth it.

63. Dis Generation (A Tribe Called Quest): a call to arms that needs to be heeded.

64. What You Want (They.): head-bopping hip/hop with guitars?! What!?

65. Moontalk (Laurel Halo): everything comes up roses here, for once Halo connects with a solid pop concept.

66. Dancing With Our Hands Tied (Taylor Swift): as the rumour mill works over time trying to figure out which ex this is about, one can groove for days with its steady, winnable beats.

67. Moonlight (Care): in the throes of a meltdown, beauty is found in the desperate pleas of a lover.

68. Enter Entirely (Cloud Nothings): no theatrics, just plain straight up rock and roll crunchiness.

69. Dum Surfer (King Krule): sounds like some cool, post-apocalyptic stuff.

70. Losing All Sense (Grizzly Bear): while their current album may not have reached their usual heights, this track is etched firmly up there.

71. Other Lives (Hazel English): fantasizing about living someone else’s life never sounded so groovy.

72. Chrome (Like Ooh) (Rapsody): the track most reminding me of those Lauryn Hill comparisons.

73. Preservation (Nadia Reid): essentially a break-up track, Reid gets solemn and introspective.

74. Sign Of The Times (Harry Styles): according to Styles, the track is inspired by a mother dying shortly after childbirth. A grim realization but lyrically, this is darkness delivered with a touch of inevitability that affects us all.

75. U Were Always Pt. 2 (Wiley feat. Skepta and Belly): SWV's "Fine Time" is sampled to clever effect here in this man versus woman battle for the ages.

76. Seeds (Camille): a decade has passed since French chanteuse Camille has graced this list and she’s back with her uniformly brilliance, pairing angelic vocals with pre-programmed beats to perfection.

77. All Around You (Sturgill Simpson): much has been made about the political nature of the music video for All Around You but I’m still stuck on the sheer soulfulness of the composition.

78. Chainsmoking (Jacob Banks): Banks comes from the old school of soul music but here he adds enough contemporary trappings to positively burn through this track.

79. Thinking Of A Place (The War On Drugs): sometimes Adam Granduciel's voice just hits that sweet spot between recollection and hopefulness.

80. Smoke ‘Em Out (CocoRosie feat. Anohni): don’t be fooled by the sweet delivery: Smoke ‘Em Out is one of many anti-Trump songs that have dominated music this year.