Tuesday, December 4, 2018


another exciting set of talent out for your listening pleasure...

Head of the class:

Kali Uchis: the Colombian-American’s debut showed exactly how smooth Latin-drenched pop can be when done right.

and the rest (in no particular order):

Clarence Clarity: I think the Guardian sums him up best when it said he is “funk played by a swarm of bees”.

Noname: previously best known for a guest spot on a Chance the Rapper mixtape, Noname has now risen to her own acclaim and its stunning.

Gaika: while so many young Brit acts continue to get dancehall horribly wrong, here is a young man who dishes it out like gold effortlessly.

SerpentWithFeet: the black queer brigade marching out of the US increases each year and here’s among the best of them.

Cardi B: sure, you’d have to be outer space not to know “Bodak Yellow” from a year ago but Cardi backed it up this year with an album that forces everyone to pay attention and bop along.

Salad Boys: the Kiwis return and they’ve delivered the goods big time.

Caroline Rose: reinvention is vital, that seems to be the big take-away from Rose’s stunning switch from country to pop.

Virginia Wing: the British band quietly doing alternative goodness.

Cautious Clay: think along the lines of Frank Ocean, without the gay subtext.