Friday, December 25, 2009


...and the winner is

Animal Collective

Seriously, could there be any other choice? Whether you like Animal Collective or not, they have given us the year's most talked about album in "Merriweather Post Pavillion", which, in case you've been in a cave, was arguably the best release and definately the most influential of the past twelve months. From as early as Christmas 2008 various leaks of the album presented fans with the first glimpses of the wonderful album but when it was officially released all the praise was justified. I need not go into that praise to prove the importance of "MPP" but the mere fact that every critic---detractors and those who build the hype unnecessarily--had something to say about it. That is impact. Even those who heatedly can't stand it go to great lengths to decry the seeming 'conspiracy' to hype the album. Don't believe me....then go on any music review site and see for yourself how many more comments are attached to "MPP" than to any other release this year.

But, what ultimately differs "MPP" from their canon is the fact that it will be imitated to death. Already, of the many 2010 leaks, quite a few (I'll single out the engaging Toro Y Mi) have been influenced by a little "MPP" magic. The merger of indie and pop has now reached a climatic stage, one where bands who we love fiercely because they don't conform now can impliment R&B, bubblegum pop,ect into their ideas and manage not to sell out. Animal Collective are very much at the forefront of this revolution and "MPP" isbut yet another step in their remarkable evolution.