Saturday, December 10, 2016

THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2016: PART THREE (#41--60)...

More great groves from the year...

41. Enough!! (A Tribe Called Quest): old school jam, proving that delivery--not production--is paramount in hip/hop. Samples Rotary Connection's "Memory Band" to great effect.

42. Into You (Ariana Grande): she may never outgrow the Mariah comparison but Ariana steps into grown woman heels with this dark underground jam that grooves for days.

43. Borderline (An Ode To Self Care) (Solange feat. Q-tip): Beyonce's sister has always been seen as a type of oddity but here flawlessly pushing her grooves on this track, Solange has finally made a breakthrough statement.

44. When It Rain (Danny Brown): Brown continues to morph into an Outkast-type alien and though some critics have received it with distance cool, I'm totally on board.

45. Eye Of A Hurricane (Kyle Craft): Craft states he's influenced by Dylan but he sounds like a Stones man to me, with that snarl.

46. 33 GOD (Bon Iver): sporting new, edgier sound but its still the same sweet refrain we've all come to love/

47. Le Bon Gripper (Divino Nino): this very outstanding band now tackling trippy, psychedelia.

48. Pink + White (Frank Ocean): Ocean works cleanly within his lines, his craftsmanship remains understated and impeccable.

49. Glory Hallelujah (Teleman): it's also tricky trying to juxtapose praise music into pop but Teleman has cooked this one just right.

50. Jang A Lang (Lizzo): I can't be the only one who hears the influence of Missy Elliott jingling through all this fabulousness.

51. Ali R U OK? (M.I.A.): Maya almost going folk-pop on us and it works!

52. Better Than Me (Blood Orange): such a subtle, stunning expose of insecurities.

53. Long Goodbye (Charlie Hilton): who say women can't challenge yet groove in rock?

54. Korea (St. Lenox):learning should be fun and if you can get me head-bopping through a geographical illustration then cool.

55. Strange Torpedo (Lucy Dacus): this is exactly the type of earnest pop Laura Marling should be doing.

56. Powerball (Topaz Jones): who hasn't thought about recording a winning lottery ticket eh!

57. Lie To Me (Future): while his messy beef with ex Ciara looks behind him now, kudos to Future for culling some good stuff, music-wise, from it.

58. Real Thing (Jonathan Johansson): if you listen real closely you realise that Johansson slips in and out of English but its such a groovy track that it doesn't alter the pleasure of listening to it.

59. Swords (M.I.A.): the sounds of her in between Arular and Kala, or in other words, her heyday.

60. Promise Me (Aish): the type of guitar-bleeding pop tune that will make Jaime Stewart mad that he didn't come up with the idea first.