Saturday, December 9, 2017

THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2017: PART THREE (#41--60)...

Whereas the last two sections featured mostly newcomers to the list, we're starting to get more familiar names now:

41. Wolf (Miguel feat. Quin): the track from his current album that best encapsulates his fuck boi motif.

42. A Young Understanding (Sundara Karma): growing up from a girl’s understanding of becoming a woman.

43. Roddy Piper (P.O.S feat. Moncelas Boston): the most underrated rapper in hip/hop delivers clean stitching in this ode to the late Canadian wrestler.

44. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (Ariel Pink): a tribute to a faded cult persona with Pink’s usual fantastic flourishes.

45. No Distraction (Beck): Beck described the song as being about how “anybody who has a phone or computer lives with the distractions pulling you this way and that way. In any case, it rocks. Welcome back to the funk Beck.

46. Caught Their Eyes (Jay-Z feat. Frank Ocean): over Nina Simone's "Baltimore” sampled, Ocean leads a groovy chorus while Jay orchestrates everything in the background.

47. Slip Away (Perfume Genius): an ode to marriage and the ending of his lonely nights as a single man.

48. Green Light (Chromeo remix) (Lorde): the original track was pretty good already but Chromeo have tripped Lorde into a whole new stratosphere with this remix.

49. Hard Liquor (SOHN): the type of chilled R&B The Weeknd has been trying—but failing—to make for the past six years.

50. Other Voices (LCD Soundsystem): biggest Talking Heads revival moment of the year? Yes, please!

51. Memories Are Now (Jesca Hoop): Hoop has had enough and shows her man the door!

52. Vidual (King Krule): his total career turn-around for darker stuff continues to pay off handsomely.

53. The Underside Of Power (Algiers): it’s not easy mixing the harsh almost-metal sound into a religious-like electronic fervor but Algiers comes dangerously close here.

54. Sweet Dreams (Angel Olsen): originally done in 2013, Olsen has reworked it into this sparse, haunting track.

55. Perfect Places (Lorde): a song about the way our imperfections fuck around with expectations.

56. Julie’s Place (Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever): reliving schoolboy crushes.

57. Bring Them All/ Holy Grime (Wiley feat. Delvin): for all those studying grime, this is how it’s done.

58. Show You The Way (Thundercat feat. Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald): an odd pairing but delivers in every way.

59. Nothing Feels Natural (Priests): languid title-track that’s aware of it’s stunning arrangement.

60. Smile (Jay-Z feat. Gloria Carter): Jay-Z at the top of his pastiche method---with Stevie Wonder's "Love's in Need of Love Today" sampled to perfection.