Monday, December 2, 2019

Top 10 Worst Films of 2019 (That I Saw):

I don't watch a lot of bad films on purpose and neither tarry on this list so here goes:

1. Child’s Play (directed by Lars Klevberg):
a decidedly unfunny sorta reboot that must grate on the nerve of the original series.

2. Good Boys (directed by Gene Stupnitsky):
very unfunny and offensive.

3. Isn’t It Romantic? (directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson):
a literal walking cliché in every frame.

4. The Dead Don't Die (directed by Jim Jarmusch):
this horrible film needed to die while in its conception stage.

5. The Intruder (directed by Deon Taylor):
cliché and ridiculously acted.

6. A Madea Family Funeral (directed by Tyler Perry):
hopefully we’re at the end of all this.

7. The Final Wish (directed by Timothy Woodward Jr,):
oy vey.

8. Shazam (directed by David Sandberg):
how did this clear marketing?

9. Brightburn (directed by David Yarovesky):
incomplete and rather pointless.

10. Don’t Let Go (directed by Jacob Aaron Estes):
a hugely problematic film that mixes time loops so bizarrely that you wish they’d all just remain dead.