Saturday, April 10, 2010

THE 100 BEST FILMS of 2000-2009:

FILM #16: 'Borat' (2006):

A mocumentary of sort, 'Borat' is the vehicle for its star Sacha Baron Cohen to portray his immense comedic talents. Sure enough, 'Borat' is offensive, lewd, stunningly frank yet totally captivating. The type of satire and comedy involved is akin to the reality-based sketches of Monty Python.

Cohen plays Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakhstani TV personality who comes to America with his producer, Azamat (Ken Davitian) to basically explore Western culture. He then discovers Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and goes in hot pursuit of her. Along the way, he tours America and uncovers the real state of things by interaction to some politicians, special-interest groups and rednecks. Of course the trick is that those interviewed were not aware of the true nature of the project and that within itself is a huge coup for this daring yet brilliant film.