Sunday, December 11, 2016

THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2016: PART FOUR (#21--40)...

getting closer to the ultimate reveal...

21. JJ (Priests): ladies and gentlemen, I present that voice, Katy Alice Greer...

22. Nuh Skylarking (Keznamdi): every Jamaican knows what this is about.

23. Boy Problems (Carly Rae Jepsen): the hidden hand here is Sia but Jepsen coos the shyt out of this track!

24. Collected Views From Dinner (Kilo Kish): quite the feat of presenting real thoughts from your dinner guests.

25. Don’t Make Me Wait (Emma Pollock): impatient pop/rock.

26. No Care (Daughter): last call recollections.

27. Untitled 02(Kendrick Lamar): if this is what a demo, un-selected track from Kendrick sounds like then damn!

28. A Hundred Ropes (Minor Victories): bringing back 1980s synths and cold vocal work.

29. Tis A Pity She Was A Whore (David Bowie): some times the second takes in life are better. Originally recorded in 2014 for another album, Bowie re-recorded it and this new jazzy syntax running through its DNA courtesy of Donny McCaslin is LIFE!

30. Hello (Erykah Badu feat Andre 3000): a better, blacker spin on what Adele sought to achieve on her song.

31. Dopamine (DIIV): this is the poppy flower shoegaze that Beach House has been failing to produce a for a while now!

32. Giving Bad People Good Ideas (Death Grips): the contrast of the soft chorus and hard, metal quash of everything else works splendidly.

33. Filaments (Shearwater): Meiburg will never shake the Bowie tag but this year that's more poignant than ever and "Filaments" is his best homage yet.

34. Liquid Gate (Cavern Of Anti-Matter feat. Bradford Cox): aptly-titled, the prodigious talent of Cox gets the full treatment.

35. Beggin’ And Pleadin’ (Brandy): blast from the past, Brandy samples John Lee Hooker's song "Boom Boom" and creates a soul masterpiece in the process.

36. Ultralight Beam (Kanye West feat. Kirk Frankin, Kelly Price, Chance the Rapper & The Dream): despite all the controversy this year, its not for nothing that Kanye starts off his latest album with contrition--removing himself for large parts of "Ultralight Beam", allowing his guest stars to shine and its a brilliant effect.

37. Freedom(Beyonce feat. Kendrick Lamar): contains a plethora of samples but once the organ trips in and Knowles gets into the chorus, all that strips away into something totally original.

38. Your Prime (Anderson .Paak): the new theme song for all those sugar daddies out there trying to put their young girlfriends through college.

39. Ain’t It Funny (Danny Brown): that maddening production contains elements from "Wervin'" performed by Nick Mason but it fits in snugly into this new alien-esque Danny.

40. Close To You (Frank Ocean): it's too short but Ocean channels his inner D'angelo but still manages to make it his own, in that pensive sad aesthetic that he's perfected.