Monday, December 1, 2014

Top 10 Most Overrated Albums of 2014:

It’s been a terribly boring year in music and when year-end time comes and critics mull over the slim pickings, they usually revert to “safe” choices. By “safe” of course I mean those names they’ve relied on in the past. So, given the context of not a lot happening in 2014, here are the ten ultra-hyped albums of a pretty forgettable year:

1.Aphex Twin Syro: Richard D. James’ first album in thirteen years has gotten an universal ‘good to be back’ pat on the back from critics but how many of them have really listened to it? It’s a seven year project in ambient and it sounds terribly dated and mere experiments penned to music. (METACRITIC 8.9/10)

2. Swans To Be Kind: just like the band’s previous album—it too featured highly on this list two years ago—this one features excessive empty space. This time though, Swans have learned repetitive lyrics and that makes To Be Kind beyond dull. (METACRITIC 8.9/10)

3. Beck Morning Phase: Beck hasn’t been his brilliant self well over a decade now but this sounded like a funeral procession. (METACRITIC 8.1/10)

4. The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream: being named on virtually every list being put out but this isn’t even better than their last LP, which was pretty good by the way. (METACRITIC 8.6/10)

5. Jack White Lazaretto: yet to find his feet as a solo artist like when he was leading a band. (METACRITIC 8/10)

6. Leonard Cohen Popular Problems: I guess it’s heresy not to consider everything he does at this stage as a masterpiece. (METACRITIC 8.6/10)

7. Ben Frost Aurora: still awaiting the lyrics for this sculptured noise album because as inventive as the intention is, at the end of the day, there isn’t much here those who reside above the underground can graft. (METACRITIC 8.4/10)

8. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Pinata: decent stuff but both artists have done much better stuff so its puzzling why Rate Your Music has this at number 4 for the year. (METACRITIC 8.2/10)

9. Flying Lotus You’re Dead: good to finally hear vocals thrown in but that’s not enough to justify the critical buzz. (METACRITIC 8.8/10)

10. Sun Kil Moon Benji: while I appreciate the autobiographical lyrics, this would work better as a book of poetry…on record its just drab sheet music. (METACRITIC 8.5/10)