Monday, December 4, 2017

2017: Top 10 Most Disappointing Albums...

With a heavy heart, here's the list:

1. Bjork Utopia: it’s what every Bjork fan feared: she’s created this fantastic world and tunnelled so far ahead that she’s left us behind.

2. Shabazz Palaces Quazarz: The Jealous Machines: maybe they knew all the fascinating stuff was on the sister release but why bother with this disc then?

3. Arcade Fire Everything Now: trying to subvert their usual sound into a coat of many colours has shrunk not only their uniqueness but also the message.

4. Vince Staples Big Fish Theory: starts out fair enough and then rap laziness takes over.

5. Tyler, The Creator Flower Boy: a few genuine gems but not as consistent as his previous album.

6. Susanne Sundfor Music For People In Trouble: this really threw me because I’m still replaying her excellent Fade Away in my head like every day.

7. Chelsea Wolfe Hiss Spun: all darkness and no delicious evil fun.

8. Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins: usually dependable but peters out rather tamely.

9. Lupe Fiasco Drogas Light: feels like a huge letdown after his previous album.

10. Big Boi Boomiverse: I’m convinced he can’t make bad music no matter how hard he tries but throwing in so many different voices—that are lesser talents—and it’s a mix bag result.