Wednesday, December 5, 2018

2018: Top 10 Most Disappointing Albums...

another year's worth of albums that should have ended up on my best albums list instead...

1.Kanye West Ye: there may be some karma in Kanye heading this list but amid all the PR battles he’s fighting simultaneously, I wonder if he’s scared the magic truly is gone?

2. Animal Collective Tangerine Reef: um, guys where are we going with this, like seriously?

3. Black Milk Fever: Mr. Consistently finally went too thin on a music project.

4. Santigold I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions: I feel Santi White is starting to rediscover her 2008 form but it sure is taking a while/

5. Anderson .Paak Oxnard: did not see this dud coming but I guess the many collabs—of which only one really works—was a sign.

6. John Grant Love Is Magic: it’s a conundrum that faces all queer artists: you need the pain and suffering to create great art but once you’ve found the happiness then the edge wears off.

7. Jack White Boarding House Reach: Earth to Jack: time to call Meg.

8. Parquet Courts Wide Awake: it’s hard to keep consistency going three years running so this is excusable.

9. Tune-Yards I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life: it may be time for Garbus to do some shuffling with her project.

10. Ava Luna Moon 2: still trying to recover their amazing 2012 form but it keeps falling way short.