Friday, June 8, 2007


Ok, so this is long overdue. I guess just about everyone has a blog so it's full time I did too. Not that I like to follow what else is out there but in this You tube era, man you've gotta represent. HI, I'm Neil but you already know that....
I'm stalling, I know but not sure for what! My blog will basically be about anything current or past. I'll definately post my stuff here as well as the shit I think that's good, great and horrible (oh, boy, I can't wait).

Personal information: Im single and do enjoy that 90% of the time. I don't get this incessant need people have to pair up as if life can only be acceptable then. I'm 29--there, I've said it but I look forward to my 30s actually. Young people really have it confused and thankfully I'm leaving that bracket. I love sec...enough said

Music. books. films. That's my life. Overtime, I'll get specific but for now my passiomn is my reviews, poems and short stories (I have tons unpublished). There, I'm exhausted...blah blah blah

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