Friday, October 2, 2009

THE 100 BEST ALBUMS of 2000-2009:

Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase EP (Janelle Monae) (2008): she’s been fascinating purists for years now, a-la Joi in the 90s, but finally that female hanging out with Outkast (high praise in itself) has emerged with a name and music bold enough to distinguish herself solo. She is Janelle Monae and here is the EP-length collection of songs before her debut-proper. Immediately with the intro (March of the Wolfmasters) we are privy to her alien love concept, something totally fresh and new to American hip/hop. The album tracks the rebellion of Cindy Mayweather as she has committed the cardinal alien rule: falling in love with a human. The brilliant songs track her every move: Violent Stars Happy Hunting is the chase sequence where Cindy becomes the hunted. Many Moons is her capture and auction for termination. Metropolis is the recollection of her attraction to the human in question (Anthony Greenland from Sector 9) and Sincerely, Jane is the overview of her humanly observations, especially the victimization of women. If the concept was so radical and brilliant then the sheer artistry of Monae would still win you over. Framing her concepts in a R&B base is a risky venture but the only woman who could currently hold any comparison is Erykah Badu. In fact, Monae is a potent combo of Badu, Lauryn Hill, Bjork , Aaliyah and Andre 3000. I need not go on any further after that impressive name-dropping. ()

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