Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best 100 Songs of 2000-2009: Part 9/10

the penultimate batch...

Snake in the Grass (Thomas Function): the ultimate punk one-two punch song.

The Only Bones that Show (Baby Dee): the rasping, guttural longing of a man transfigured by pain.

Mykonos (Fleet Foxes): uprooted tenderness juxtaposed with immense hurt.

While You Wait for the Others (Grizzly Bear): a sickly-sweet psychedelic wonder.

Stay Loose (Belle and Sebastian): a sad pop caper that loses and regains hope with amazing speed.

The Sloganeer: Paradise (Meshell NdegeOcello): Fantastic jazz imprint. NdegeOcello continues to merge her expanded sense of melody with her forceful lyrical input and such a result is gorgeous as well as groovy.

Kidz Are So Small (Deerhoof): a blissful collage of Bjork-like childish admissions that work in an off-beat, simplistic manner. Witness how Satomi’s vocals concede ground to the bare essentials driving the tune and one realizes how nuanced her work has become.

Also Frightened (Animal Collective): dub-step meets persistent electronic waves of distortion; trust Animal Collective to unearth a sub-genre within their cadre of sound

Ring the Alarm (Beyonce): the first real vindictive twitch from the decade’s defining R&B self-made diva.

Almost Crimes (Broken Social Scene): a lovely, electro-dance mash-up of strife and tension.

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