Monday, December 8, 2014

Top 10 Most Disappointing Albums of 2014:

For clarification, being on this list doesn't necessarily mean the album was awful but it does indicate that I expected much more. Many of these artists are brilliant but somehow the artistry didn't click here or the songs simply just didn't inspire:

1.Fryars Power: reinventing Britpop five years ago has apparently taken a toll on Ben Garrett. Wake me up when he does. (METACRITIC N/A)

2. Foxygen …And Star Power: after a stellar 2013, the band returned with the worst April Fool’s trick ever: drunken snippets posing as an album. (METACRITIC 6/10)

3. Mac DeMarco Salad Days: Demarco treads a fine line and he crossed it. (METACRITIC 8.2/10)

4. Moonface City Wrecker: Spencer Krug continues his pinning while we all wait for the lover’s backlash.

5. Popstrangers Fortuna: ragged and disjointed sophomore slump. (METACRITIC 7.4/10)

6. Sharon van Etten Are We There: at the pedestrian rate this album goes, I dount van Etten will reach to her destination. (METACRITIC 8.6/10)

7. The Doppelgangaz Peace Kehd: not bad but not an improvement on their previous outing. (METACRITIC N/A)

8. The Black Keys Turn Blue: alt-rock’s most consistent band finally put out an album without that special touch. (METACRITIC 7.2/10)

9. Tricky Adrian Thaws: though his riffs remain engaging, this album finally put the boring atmosphere squarely in this phase of his career. (METACRITIC 6.7/10)

10. Spoon They Want My Soul: after four years away, I expected a tad much more.

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